Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's almost Here!

Well my friends, it's almost here!


Get excited because it is one of the best weekends of the year!
I especially love the April conference (which is this weekend April 2-3).
I know that these men:

are inspired and the messages they share are true. 
By listening to them, we can all gain something personal that we need to hear!
It varies from person to person, and is just so wonderful!

I am also excited for this week leading up to conference!
At this time last year, I set a challenge for myself, which happened to fall on the week leading up to conference. 
This challenge included monitoring my time on Facebook, blogging, and being connected to my phone.
(You can read about it here, if you are curious)
Anyway, it was a very good experience for me!
I was able to get a lot done, and focus on more important things! 
It was great!
(You can read about the results, here)
Since then, I have deleted my Facebook when I have recognized it has been a distraction for me (last week being one of those weeks), and it actually is a huge blessing!
I find that I am able to be more productive, which makes me a lot happier. 
I think one of the best results of monitoring my media use last year was the enhancement of my conference experience. 
When I decided I was going to spend that week less media involved, I didn't realize that conference weekend fell during that time.
But, it did, and I am grateful for that!

Well, as conference is rapidly approaching, I was thinking back to this time last year, and remembered that experience. 
I decided that I am going to make it a tradition to have a "media fast" before the week of conference. 
So that means no Facebook (Sorry friends who thought I was getting back on again!), blogging, television or movie watching, and Pandora or I-pod listening (other than church music) this week.
I will replace those activities with things that will help prepare me for General Conference.

If you are wondering how or why this is helpful, I will explain.
One of my favorite quotes from a movie that I heard recently is:

"Sometimes it's best to disconnect."

That quote has stuck with me since I heard it, and I just love it, but I want to add my own ending to it:

"Sometimes it's best to disconnect, in order to reconnect!"

That's what this week is for me!
It's not about shunning media in my life because I think it's bad, because I really don't.
It's about disconnecting from distractions to reconnect and focus on other things in my life!
I am looking forward to it!

Enjoy conference! I know I will!

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