Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Stop and Smell the Roses!

So today in my computers class, we had a very interesting discussion that has made me think a lot since then. You see, normally I hate my computers class. It is just boring and the people in it aren't always fun to be around, so it's kind of amazing that I actually liked it today and was interested in the discussion.  Anyways, during today's class we started off by talking about new technologies that are supposed to come out. Then we watched these videos about how we live in such a technological dependent age. We use technology daily, which is not a bad thing as long as we use it smartly. In the videos, they interviewed college aged students who were constantly hooked to their laptops, phones, ipods, etc, almost to the point that if they weren't on them they would go crazy. Seriously, some of the students would go on their laptops to do some homework, but instead would end up on facebook, checking their e-mail, and texting on their phone all at the same time. Obviously not getting much of their work done. Or even some students admitted to just doing part of their homework then going on facebook or some other website for a while before returning to their homework, and then repeating this pattern. 

As we had this discussion, I realized how sad it is that we are so dependent on our technology. I also felt one hundred percent guilty. Because I use my computer so much for homework, I constantly give in to the distractions of the internet. I find myself checking my facebook or reading blogs instead of doing homework, which results in me being stressed and not having much leisure time, well beside time spent wasted on the computer. Also because of this I end up having many late nights and always end up so worn out, which is miserable as well. So I decided I need to make a change. I need to allow myself to complete everything I need to and have time to just stop and smell the roses without being so caught up in technology, as I am one of these guilty college students. I think sometimes we get so caught up in these things that we miss out on life's simple pleasures, such as smelling the roses, and we miss out on so much because of it. Although I've done better with how much I text, I have internet on my phone, which serves as a major distraction. So I need to make a change in my internet happens.

The Challenge: I decided this next week I would set up a little challenge for myself. Starting tomorrow and going til next Wednesday, April 7th, I am staying off of Facebook, this includes both on the computer and on my phone. Also, I am going to stay away from blogging, as that is another one of my major weaknesses. I am going to see how much more I can accomplish by doing so and what other things I can find to do in my spare time. Also, during my classes, I am going to make sure my phone is always put away so I don't have that distraction during class. Next week, I will write a post about how the week goes and what I've learned from doing so. It might be hard at times, but I am ready and excited for this challenge! 

Let the challenge begin! 

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  1. good challenge! i'm thinking i want to do that also. :)