Saturday, March 24, 2012

Got Chocolate?

I am probably one of the most clumsy girls you will ever meet. 
Well, not naturally clumsy, but more like clumsy due to the fact that I am a sandal lover and unfortunately sandals and a lot of things don't mix well.
I wish I had a dollar for the times I've slipped on things in the stores....and yes, fell to the ground because of it. 
I have slid many times in the stands at my high school.
And yes, one time I even completely fell down walking on stairs at the temple (that is a really funny story and you can read it here).
I honestly thought the temple story would be the most memorable, but that, my friends, has changed. 

I decided to help out in the kitchen at my friend's wedding reception, and I was put in charge of keeping watch over the chocolate fountain. 
I had no clue how to work chocolate fountains, so I was kind of scared, but figured I could handle it.
That is where I was wrong. 

I'm not even sure how it happened. 
One minute I was walking toward the food tables to make sure everything was stocked, and oh yeah I was carrying a cup of chocolate in my hand, and the next minute I was sitting on the ground COVERED in chocolate with a bunch of people standing around me and asking if I was okay.  
The next thing I knew my friend was rushing me to the bathroom to get cleaned up and I could not stop laughing. 
Seriously, tears rolling down the cheeks laughing. 
Wouldn't you laugh too if you looked like this?

(Thanks for the pictures Mari...and thanks for helping me clean up! I loved that one of her first responses was "Let me get my camera, this needs to be on your blog!)
I later learned that it was a little grape that caused this fiasco. 
Apparently I stepped on it as I was walking and everything went down hill from there! 

Although I did make a complete fool of myself, I did get one of the best laughs of my life. 
Seriously, every time someone came in the bathroom to check on me, I would just laugh myself to tears! 
 I am grateful for these ridiculous moments in life that keep me humble and make for an interesting life!

Oh, and did I mention....I was wearing sandals!  


  1. Oh my goodness Steph that blasted chocolate fountain!!!!!! I am glad you are ok :)

  2. HAHA...This is the best...I love you Stephanie!

  3. HAHA...this is the best! I love it!