Monday, November 10, 2014

Our Story: David and Stephanie

David and I met in our singles' ward here in Mesa. 
He was living here for the summer, working at an internship in Phoenix, and had just moved into the ward. 
I moved back home at the beginning of the summer, and moved into his same ward just a few weeks after David. 
On my first Sunday in the ward, David just happened to pull into the parking lot at the same time as me, and say hi to me as I was walking in. I didn't think too much of it, other than the fact that he was being nice. 
I ended up sitting down in the row behind him during the first hour. 
When that portion of church was over, my friend that I was with introduced me to David and the people he was with. Once again, I didn't think too much of it because I was new, and my friend was just helping me make friends. 

About two or three weeks later, I was teaching Sunday School and David happened to be in my class. 
It was my first time teaching Sunday School, and I just remember being impressed by a guy who was with it and participating the whole time. It was David. 
after class ended, he stuck around til everyone left and then thanked me for the lesson.
At that point, i decided I wanted to know more about this guy, so I texted my friend who introduced us to find out who this guy was. 
That didn't get me very far, so I just decided to not worry about it. 

About a month later, I went to a service project for church. 
as they were organizing groups, David volunteered to be one of the drivers for a group. 
(I hadn't seen or talked to him since the Sunday School lesson)
He asked who wanted to go with him, and no one said anything at first, so I decided to be brave and volunteer. 
Best. Decision, Ever. 

One other girl ended up coming with us, but David and I were able to chat a TON during the whole service project.
It was awesome to be doing service together, and to get to talk and laugh with him the whole time. 
When we got back to the church, they were having lunch for us, so I decided to stick around. 
During this time, David and I got to chat a lot more and just have fun. 
As I was driving home I thought, "David would be fun to go out with."

About 2 hours after I got home, I received a Facebook message from David that said:
"I didn't get a chance to get your number earlier today, so I have to be lame and ask for it over Facebook."
So I gave him my number, and then he called me shortly after and asked me out to dinner for that evening. 
Our first date consisted of eating dinner and talking for 2 hours. 
I loved that we had been talking all day, and still were able to talk and laugh together that evening. 

This is from our second date!

From there, he kept asking me out, and I kept saying yes. 
We pretty much spent every day together from then on until he left for Utah, and since he has been in Utah, we talk for at least two hours every day, and have fun times when we take trips to see each other. 

I am excited for our story to continue! 


  1. I love your love story!!!! It's funny because Justin did the same thing with my number -- he had to ask for it through facebook because he didn't get the chance to do it at church!
    Can't wait for your wedding!

  2. So cute! I am so happy for you guys!