Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What in the BIG Toe?

It is just one of those weeks.
You know the kind that doesn't seem to go right,
and, as a result, seems ten thousand years long!
Yep, that would describe this week!
To cut a long story short, 
Sunday I ended up in urgent care because my toe was extremely swollen and in a lot of pain.
Urgent Care doctor diagnosed it as an ingrown toenail, cut it out, and sent me home.
After two days of laying in bed to keep my foot elevated, 
I still had a humongo toe!  
To put it simply, I was stressed!
After a second visit to the doctor (which is my least favorite place to go!), turns out, my toe is swollen!
So, instead of taken three days to heal, like the urgent care doctor said. 
I still have another ten day recovery ahead of me!

I know that is not something I should whine about, because a lot of people have it worse. 
But it couldn't have happened on a more terrible week!
This week has already been increasingly jam packed with school, church, and life, 
and this toe situation put me back even farther!

As I was thinking about this today, I decided to change my attitude!
Life is only as good as you want it to be!
So, I started to rewind and think of the good things that have come out of my big toe problems!

Good Things That Can Come From a BIG Toe:
(Some serious, others not so serious)
-Having words from an amazing conference run through your head, as you are lying in pain
-Feeling the love of friends and family members
-Discovering Words with Friends
-Enjoying a nice lunch/chat with the brother
-Making a fun craft (pictures to come)
-Having an excuse to wear pj's all day
-Being able to wear sandals to work, which is a major dress code violation (my boss said she would rather have me there in sandals than not there at all, and I LOVE sandals, so it was a win win!)
-Being reminded of how awesome Home Teachers are!
-Being reminded of how amazing the Priesthood is (Especially Priesthood blessings!)
-Having lots of time to read an inspiring book
-Getting an awesome "toe" cake
(My friend, Jenny, and I just have that kind of friendship)

Even though it has been rough for me to be in bed for two days, doing nothing, I am thankful for the little tender mercies that have come from this weird toe thing that I have going on!
 Even when it doesn't seem like it, there is much to be thankful for!
I need to always remember that!

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