Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Craft!

Seriously, my crafty mind is quite dangerous!
But at the same time, I love it!
Doing crafts is one of the things that keeps me sane during the crazy school semester, and I love it!

This past week, I was kind of going crazy from doing homework. 
I really needed a break, so I decided to take one and make a fabric flower that I've never tried before. 
I found it on one of the blogs I get ideas from!
I had the perfect fabric to use for it, that has been sitting in my room over a year. 
So it was perfect!

I made one flower and loved how it turned out, but wasn't quite sure what to do with it. 
I thought about making a clip, but I didn't really like it on a clip (the blog I found it on used it on a headband).
So I thought it would be fun to put it on a necklace. 
The only problem is I don't really have any beads, and I used all my craft budget for the month on the last project I made (I'm really trying to be good at living by a budget).
So making a necklace wouldn't work. 
Then the perfect idea came- to make more flowers and add them to a shirt. 
I love shirts with cute flower embellishments. 
The only problem is they are kind of expensive (out of my budget once again).
I got even more excited when I found the perfect shirt in my closet to add them to, one that I haven't worn for over a year. 

So I went to work and made eight more flowers. 
That was a huge test of my patience because the fabric was not fun to work with!
I am not sad at all to see it gone!
After a few blisters from the hot glue gone, and a lot more time than anticipated, I finished my flowers!

So I added them to my shirt and voila! 

I went from a plain black shirt to a completely new one that I am excited to wear!


  1. So cute!! I know how it feels to want to make all kinds of crafts!! Wish I had lots of money and time to make everything I see.

  2. holy cow! This shirt is amazing! I soooo need to try the pom poms on a shirt! great idea girl, thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh wow! That shirt turned out amazing! I love it :D <3