Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is a Joke, Right?

Once upon a time I decided to fight insecurities, thoughts, and fears about {dating} on my blog. 
You may recall this lovely post if you have read my blog in the past month. 
{If you haven't....check it out. It won't disappoint.}

Since then, I feel like the lack of dating in my life has become a big {joke}.

About a week after writing that post, I had quite the humorous experience. 
I was at the institute and saw a sign that said 
"Easter Egg Hunt. Find an egg, do the task it says inside and 
tell the secretaries about it to earn a treat."
I thought that was a pretty clever idea. 
I'll even admit I got a little excited when I sat down to study and found an egg right by my study area.
I nearly died when I opened it and saw this.......

Mind you this was one simple week after I shared with the world (or my two blog readers) 
about my {cluelessness} in dating. 
Ironic, huh?
Definitely just put that egg back where I found it. 

Fast forward to this week. 
I decided Panda Express sounded delightful for dinner. 
I was quite excited for my fortune cookie.
Then I opened it up to find this.....

Once again, I just about died from laughing. 

Seriously, this month since I posted that {lovely} post,
my life has been quite {comical} with how many times I've been reminded about dating. 
It is always in the most {random} ways. 
And it always just makes me chuckle! 

Seriously, I get the point! 

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  1. Sounds like destiny to me! haha! I still can't get over that institute egg. Hilarious!