Monday, April 8, 2013


Today out of all the words to describe how I am feeling 
{stressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, discouraged}
I feel the best one is quite simple. 


I am definitely a girl that has to needs to have a plan.
I like to know need to know what's coming next in my life and what I have to look forward to. 
When this ceases to happen, I stress. 

This has been my life lately. 
My current job ends in May.
I  have 14 weeks of {unpaid} student teaching in the next year and still have to pay for {life} and {school tuition}.
And I needed to figure out a plan to earn money when I am not student teaching, as I can't go a whole year without working. 
This led me to be stressed out of my mind, since about February. 

Yes, I know February to May is plenty of time to figure out a summer job.
But I'm girl that needs a plan.
And there wasn't one. 

I spent a lot of time coming up with different options, and applying to many different jobs. 
Only to discover the jobs I was applying to were looking to hire right away. 
I felt like my efforts were leading {nowhere}.
Causing me to be even more frustrated. 

{The Story}
Last week at work, my boss approached me and asked about my student teaching situation for the fall. 
As I informed him, his response was quite shocking to me. 
He informed me that he is willing to work with me and give me the {fourteen} weeks off I need for student teaching and I would be able to work at the school when I am not student teaching. 

That leads to this week. 
Rewind to a month ago. 
I had a phone interview for a {summer} job and was told I would be contacted the end of March if summer help was needed. 
the end of March came and went. 
I sent an e-mail to follow up and was told there was still no decision. 
Being who I am, I assumed that meant it wasn't going to work out. 
Fast forward to today. 
 I got an e-mail asking to come interview for this {summer} position that just happens to last from the end of May, when my job ends, to August when school starts again. 
Oh, and did I mention it is a full time position?
Can you say perfect?

Yes, I know I haven't even interviewed yet.
I know the job is guaranteed to be mine, 
but I'm finally feeling {hopeful} as I am finally getting a plan together. 
There really is only word for these "chances."


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  1. Oh I know how that goes. It's in the waiting that I go crazy!! I really like to know all of that too! You and me are alike in so many ways! So glad that things are starting to work out... you know, despite all that time we spend fretting, it always works out. If only I could convince myself that BEFORE I let the fretting begin... :)