Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't Rain On My Parade!

I must say, I do love a good rainstorm!
There is nothing like a rainstorm to cool down the weather after many, many, MANY days of unwanted heat!
I also decided that Arizona has the best rainstorms ever!
Only in Arizona can you be driving down the street through pouring rain while looking at a blue sky ahead of you and have the sun shining down on you from another direction (that's what I experienced today)
However, one thing I do not like is the rain being so unpredictable, which leaves me to walk across ASU's through the rain without an umbrella and getting soaking wet! Not so fun!
But I did not let that ruin my day! 
(That was just a side note!)

These past few days I have found out some incredible news! 
Well....at least I am extremely excited about it!
As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been thinking about a lot of things in my life and creating some goals! 
I know I didn't go into too much detail then, but part of those goals had to do with school and work.....and through tender mercies those goals are currently in progress!

Let me back up a bit and start with work. 
My job is very interesting. Some days I really hate it and some days I absolutely love it! It is very hard to find a happy medium. 
I think part of that comes from the fact that working 30 hours a week and going to school full time isn't the easiest thing to do. 
It causes me to be extremely tired and to work long days. 
So it is has been really hard to enjoy work when it wears me out and I have to spend long hours there. 
So these past couple of weeks I have been pondering about what I should do about this. 
It has just felt like work has been sucking up all my time and has caused me to be less focused on school and life in general. 
So I was pretty convinced that I would be quitting my job at the end of the semester and looking for one I would enjoy more and wouldn't have to work so many hours at. 

Well, Sunday night, I decided I would go to the temple grounds and ponder about all the things that was on my mind, and try to figure things out. 
So I made a list of everything that was on my mind and decided to study the scriptures and reflect on what I read and what I was feeling. 
Well, I didn't get too far along in that when I got to call to teach FHE the next evening. So I decided to plan that lesson instead, and just put my thoughts on hold.

Well, the next day when I got to work, things were a little crazy and so I wasn't looking forward to being there. About after an hour at being at work, my assistant manager that one of the other tellers was moving positions so a 20 hour teller position was opening up! 
So that afternoon I talk to my assistant manager about cutting some of my work hours to the 20 hour position. 
She told me that that was very doable, we just had to wait to talk to my manager about it, but all should be well!
That was a huge tender mercy to me!
I had been stressing about work, what to do, and where to look for a job!
That tender mercy helped alleviate that stress!
It saved me the stress of job searching and going through the stress of starting a new job!
So hopefully in the next few weeks, I will have less hours at work and be able to have more free time! What a huge blessing!

Well, the next great tender mercy happened today! 
Figuring out school has been on my mind a lot too. 
I was projected to graduate in December 2012, 
but I wanted to graduate a little earlier in order to accomplish some other goals of mine.
Anyway, today I met with my advisor to discuss my future classes and plan to finish them and she told me some exciting news......


I am going to have to work a little harder, but with the changes in my work schedule it will be very doable! 
I left her office with a huge smile on my face and so motivated to put my best foot forward! 
Starting next semester, I am going to be taking an additional class each semester for the next 3 semesters. 
I also am going to be adding on a minor to my degree because I have a lot of elective credits to take up!

MAY 2012 is when I am graduating! 
I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is a glorious feeling! 
It also helps that I love the classes I have taken so far and am anxious for the next ones! It is another huge blessing! 

So this week has been a week of tender mercies that have brought me great joy! 
It caused me to think back to an analogy I made a few months ago. (You can read it here if you are interested!) 
Life really can be puzzling sometimes. 
Sometimes it may seem like this:

We have this huge pile of decisions to work through and we have to figure out the right order to put the pieces together to get the finished picture. 
There are many ways that will get the task accomplished, some ways are just easier than others. 
However, sometimes it is easy to put the wrong piece without even realizing it. 
When I do puzzles, I am famous for that. I tend to put a piece in that is an almost fit, and blends in so well that it is hard to tell that it doesn't actually fit. 
When this happens, we can keep working on the puzzle, but it is a lot harder and we will eventually get to a point when we have to realize that the piece doesn't fit at that time, or we will never get a finished puzzle. 
So we have to put that piece of the puzzle to the side until the right time. 
When we do that, we are able to work on the rest of the pieces, and hopefully find success. After much time and effort, we finally get the finished masterpiece!

This may seem like a cheesy analogy, and it probably is, but it has just been on my mind, as pieces of my life have been connecting together. 
I have really learned that we can try to the puzzle of life our own way, but we won't find much success!
However, when we turn to Heavenly Father, the one who made the puzzle, and let Him take control, the pieces go together a lot easier!
We will still come across the misfit pieces, but He can help us make sure the right pieces are put together, and correct us when pieces need to be changed!
What a great blessing!
Piece by piece, things in life do and will work out!!

Just for fun! It's just "One [piece] at a time!" 

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