Thursday, April 15, 2010

Putting the Pieces Together!

Wow! What a week it has been!
It seems like all my teachers decided that this was going to be the week that all the big projects/tests were going to be due. 
More specifically, today was the big day for it all. 
I was pretty much convinced that there was no one everything would get accomplished, or at least accomplished effectively. 
This picture pretty much describes how I felt (or a slight exaggeration of how I felt.)
I just had a lot of things to get done and they were somehow supposed to fit together to make up my day. But like this picture, I felt overwhelmed with where to even begin because there were so many pieces and none of them looked like they would work together.
So I decided I would just dive right in and start my day like every other Thursday....with visit to the temple. 
I decided to go a little earlier than normal to get an earlier start to my day, but then it turned out to be one of the best times I've had there so I ended up staying longer than normal.
When I was studying my scriptures today, I just felt like the messages I read were just for me.
They served as the perfect reminder for what I needed at that exact moment this morning.
I just had this feeling that everything was going to work out and that things were going to be fine, and that really help set the tone for my day.
Not only that, this may sound weird, but I was passed by people of different ages that just bring joy to me. I think this partly comes from my major, but I find joy in seeing people at different stages in their lives. 
So while I was studying, I was passed by a young couple, who looked like they were just engaged or soon to be engaged, a grandmother taking pictures of her two young grandchildren in front of the temple, and my favorite, a cute old elderly couple.
I don't know why, but it is just so fun and exciting for me to see all these different stages of life, especially in one setting. 
So that definitely helped me even more to set the tone for the day.
Needless to say, when I left the temple grounds this morning, I felt amazing.
I was pumped and ready for the day and I felt like I was on top of the world.
So when I got to school, I had to write a paper that I procrastinated on doing.
It was a research paper, which I strongly dislike doing.
However, as I sat down and started typing my paper and looked through the research, I was very interested in the topic.
So, even though this paper seemed impossible to do, I was able to get it down in a decent amount of time, and learn a lot while doing it. 
Thus, connecting two pieces of the puzzle.
So then I had my first class of the day, which is one I really don't like.
I was even more hesitant to go today because I had to make a poster for it and have a presentation ready for class today. Well, I did the poster, but I still felt confused on what exactly I needed to present. My teacher was kind of confusing in explaining it and every time I asked, I got more confused. So I decided I would do my best. 
Well, after doing my presentation for my teacher and having a discussion with her about, it turned out she liked the ideas I had......
and a third piece of the puzzle fit right in.
Then I went to institute and the lesson fit along perfectly with some things that are going on in my life, and I really needed to hear them and be reminded of them.
Thus, yet another piece of the puzzle.
Then, in my night class, I had a test that I really hadn't prepared for.
The content of the class is easy, as it is an math for elementary teachers class, but my teacher requires us to solve the problems in ways that are new to us, so that makes it a little tricky sometimes.
So I got to class early to do some studying with my friend and she helped me figure out the things I was confused on. So when it came to my test, it was a breeze to me.
My 3 hour night class turned into a 40 minute after class, leaving me with extra time.
And the puzzle continues to be put together.
Finally, when I got home, I had to take another test for my online class.
This online class has been a struggle for me all semester.
My grade keeps swaying back and forth between a B and C, which kinda stresses me out, as good grades are very important to me. 
However, this week I actually found interest in what I was studying and had that desire to learn more.
Well, it turns out I got the same old average C on my test, but I learned so much this week, and that was the important part.
So another piece can be added to the puzzle.
So all these little tender mercies really made for a wonderful day! 
It also helped me to remain in an optimistic mood and not be discouraged about the things I needed to do. 
It seemed like every time I even thought about being discouraged I was reminded of a tender mercy and it just kept me going.
And all the pieces of the day that seemed impossible to piece together, came together nicely to create......
a masterpiece of a day! 

It just serves as a reminder to me to look at the big picture in all things. When we look at the little pieces of the puzzle....they are just that, little pieces of a puzzle that just seem overwhelming and useless. However, when we realize that all the little pieces, or parts of life, come together to make a beautiful picture, it helps us appreciate them so much more! 

*Scripture Thought: D&C 90:24- "Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good...."

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  1. Stephanie, what an inspiration you are to me! You are always optimistic and what a breath of fresh air that is! I enjoy reading your blog and still being able to be a part of your life, even if only in that little way. :)