Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Staycation: Round 3

Three summers ago, my roommate and I decided to plan a staycation in Phoenix. 
It included staying in a hotel for a weekend, relaxing, and doing what we wanted. 
We had so much fun that we did it last summer as well, and then decided to keep the tradition going each summer.

This  year we ended up at the Scottsdale Resort in North Scottsdale. 
Let me just tell you, it was AMAZING! 
The weekend was filled with swimming, room service, tanning, shopping at Paradise Valley Mall, and 
seeing Maleficent at the Studio Movie Grill (which is a fancy theater that serves you food during the movie).
It was the perfect little "vacation" to help it feel like summer. 

These "Cinderella" lights made my heart so happy! 

Next up: Newport Beach!

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