Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Confession: One of my great weaknesses in life is that expect everything to be perfect, and get frustrated when these unrealistic expectations are not met.
This is the truth when it comes to relationships, work, school, pretty much everything in life.

I think it is pretty common for girls to grow up dreaming of a perfect life: falling in love with the perfect Prince Charming, living happily ever after, and having a life filled with singing and endless happiness.
However, there is a point where reality hits and this dream of a perfect life has to be shifted to be more realistic.

Now, I am not saying that just because our life doesn't end up with the Disney "perfection" that we don't end up happy. However, I am realizing that each day we get to look for reasons to be happy during our imperfect lives.

While pursuing Pinterest this week, I came across this, and it really hit home for me:

This helped me to recognize that creating this false ideals of perfection, really inhibits our personal growth and gain in this life. The real growth comes from recognizing that life isn't perfect, but still finding happiness and joy during through the imperfections.

 It is truly amazing how even on the most imperfect days, we can find moments of perfection if we look for them. This is my vow to remember this. To stop comparing each situation to the "perfect ideal," but rather enjoy each situation for what they truly are.

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