Friday, November 8, 2013


Today I am thankful for a "classmate" in my cohort. 
Doing my grad program has been an interesting experience. 
I haven't been able to meet anyone face to face. 
However, after taking class after class with the same group, seeing their names, and reading what they post, there are some of us that became friends. 

Through my grad program, I have "met" an amazing friend! 
She lives in Washington, so I have never met her personally (but will when she flies down for graduation).
However, she has been a great help to me throughout my program. 
I have had a few professors that have been downright confusing or vague in their expectations. 
However, my classmate always is willing to answer my questions when I am downright confused. 

Currently we have a professor who is not giving any feedback or answering any questions. 
This week I have had long conversations back and forth with my classmate. 
It has been such a blessing knowing that, even though my program is online, I still have classmates to rely on for help! 

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