Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today I am thankful for the Institute program the church provides. 
During my undergrad, institute became a HUGE part of my life.
Whenever I had free time during the day, I was at the institute and it really became my second home. 
I just love it. 

During Grad school, with an online program and working, it's been a little challenging to consistently take an institute class. 
My first semester I didn't really make institute a priority and kind of just went here and there. 
However, last semester I committed to a class and had 100% attendance in the class. 
That experience reminded me of the importance of institute and the need for it in my life. 

This semester I decided I would commit to a class as well. 
What an amazing blessing it has been to go to a class weekly and learn the things I need to. 
I am seriously to a point where I can't wait for Wednesday to go to my institute class. 

I have the best teacher and have met some of the most fun people. 
Most importantly, I have learned many treasures of knowledge. 
Institute is the best and is definitely a blessing! 

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