Tuesday, November 12, 2013

{Answers to Prayers}

I know I haven't been very consistent at doing a "thankful" post every day. 
However, today I felt the need to as my heart is full of gratitude. 
Today I am thankful for the quiet answers to prayers that come in simple ways. 

Here's the story: 
So with student teaching this semester, I haven't been able to work (aside from my weekend side job) because student teaching is full time and I had classes on top of it. There was just no time to have a job too. 
Well, that means limited income.
I had this perfect plan that when student teaching was done I would sub until my next student teaching placement (in the spring).
Well I am on my 3rd week of being done with student teaching and haven't been able to sub because the sub class I need to take isn't until the 20th of November.  
Needless to say, it's been stressing me out because it is still a delayed source of income.

However, out of the blue today I received a phone call from a teacher looking for a long term sub while she goes on maternity leave. 
It would be a 6-8 week teaching job. 
IT is not until January; however, it just so happens that my student teaching in the spring is only 6-8 weeks, which means I could do both in the semester and still graduate in May. 

As I hung up the phone with this sweet lady, my heart filled with great joy and peace. 
It was a direct answer to my pray....as I had just prayed last night that some of my other sub applications would go through in other school districts so I could get a job. 

I am grateful to know that Heavenly Father hears my prayers and He answers them. 
No, this isn't the exact thing I was praying for, but I know Heavenly Father answers in ways that we need. 
That brings great joy to my heart. 
I am looking forward to this adventure. It will be a great experience! 

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