Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Things on a Thursday!

1. I reached the halfway point to receiving my master's degree. On Tuesday I finished my 2nd summer class which gave me enough credits to be halfway done! So. Crazy! But so exciting! May 2014 here I come! 

2. I. Love. Kindergarten! here's the story, when I decided I want to teach, I had a strong desire to teach 1st grade, and I was pretty much narrow-minded to everything else. Through a few conversations, and a long series of events, I ended up being placed in a kindergarten class for student teaching. I was TERRIFIED of Kinder {but that's another story}. However, I've grown to LOVE it! And am excited to teach it when I graduate! 

3. In 2 short weeks I will start working for a wedding videography company. I. Can't. Wait. I LOVE weddings and am excited that I will be getting paid to go to them! Of course I will be working, but it will be fun to see high dollar weddings. 

4. I can't enough of country music. Before and after school my mentor teacher and I listen to country music while we are getting stuff done! It makes my heart happy. 

5. I have an addiction to cheap clothes. Mesa Consign (on Facebook) has caused me to have an overstuffed closet with clothes that are all under $10....and most are under $5. I seriously could go 2 months before repeating an outfit. 

6. Downton Abbey is the only show I can follow. No matter how hard I try, I cannot consistently follow a show. However, Downton Abbey has broken that for me. I turn it on on Amazon Prime and can easily get lost in it for hours and hours. 

7. I LOVE creating bucket lists. I recently spent a good amount of time honestly thinking what I wanted to do my life in many different areas. Creating that list made my heart happy, and I just love looking at it to see what I am working towards. 

8. I still listen to the Backstreet Boys on a regular basis. My sister-in-law and I are going to the concert in a few weeks, and I definitely have listened to them a lot lately! Not even ashamed. 

9. I've recently realized that I've accidentally turned very anti-social. It has kind of just happened. With work, school, and student teaching, it is very easy to go to bed early and just be at home for a while. 

10. I have a daily obsession with Target daily Deals. Even though I don't buy things very often, I have to check the daily deal every day to see what it is.  

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