Saturday, July 27, 2013

CHARGE Syndrome Conference

A Couple months ago, I got an e-mail from my ASU adviser stating that there was an event working with kids in Scottsdale coming up, and they needed people to work at it. 
Because I have been thinking of ways to be more involved in different things, and I love working with kids, 
I decided to go for it. 
Little did I know it would be one of the best weekends of the summer! 

This event entailed spending all day(s) with children with CHARGE Syndrome, while their parents, caregivers, etc. went to seminars all day to learn more about CHARGE and helping their child. 
Up until two nights ago, I didn't know a thing about CHARGE Syndrome. 
I have never even heard the name. 
(You can learn more about it here).
However, over the past two days, I learned to have a great love for these special children! 

I was assigned to work in the room with the children who are more affected by CHARGE. 
I was specifically assigned to watch over and play with a little five-year-old boy both Friday and Saturday.
The days were spent with coloring, doing puzzles, running the halls, watching magic shows, riding scooters, playing ball, and building with blocks. 

I was also able to pick up on sign language, as that's how this little guy communicates. 
I learned some basic signs, such as, "mom, dad, water, sit, walk, want, no, and wait."
I also learned how to sign to twenty and the names of all the colors. 

This was probably the most fun thing I have ever done to earn some money.
Don't get me wrong, it was 150% exhausting! 
I came home both nights beyond drained. 
However, it was amazing event to be a part of. 
When 5 o'clock hit today, I was not ready to leave. 
I wanted to stay and continue to be surrounded by these most perfect children. 
It definitely was a weekend full of pure love and joy!!

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