Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ode To the Ingram House

Just over two short years ago, life brought me to this place.....
The Ingram House. 

This cute house is the place I called home. 
It is where I first experienced life outside my family's home, 
where I discovered what it's like to live with roommates. 
This home became the escape from the challenges I was facing in life at the time. 
It provided me the chance to start over and really develop who I wanted to be. 

This place is filled with some of the best memories. 
Where I spent countless hours laughing, being beyond goofy, and just having fun!
It was also filled with many heart to heart talks and simply just some good cries.
It was filled with some of the best late night chats and some of the most spontaneous adventures. 

This was my home through my senior year of college and my first year of graduate school.
And 5 different jobs in between! 

This is the place where I truly learned what it means to love your neighbors. 
My neighbors became more than just the people that lived on my street. 
They became my friends, the people I could rely on for anything....even a teaspoon of baking soda. 
They became the friends I loved to see and chat with on the way to the mailbox, and the people who would wave every time they drove by the house! 

In short, this place has been a great part of my life! 
I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to live and to grow here. 
It has definitely been a great experience for move. 

As life changes and progresses, sometime there is just a need for a change. 
That time has come for me. In just 4 short days, I will bid farewell to the Ingram House and open a new chapter in my life.
At the fountain house! 

This will be a big change, but I am excited for it. 
I am looking for this time with new roommates in a new area. 
And for more learning and growing. 

The decision to move has been a crazy one and full a lot of tender experiences. 
And has been very bittersweet. 
However, when it comes down to it, I know it will be for the best! 
I am looking forward to what will come as a result of this decision to move and to change. 

I am ready for this next chapter! 

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