Tuesday, May 7, 2013

{I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feeling 22}

Birthdays are my favorite. 
Anyone who knows me can tell you that I just {love} birthdays. 
They can also tell you that I believe in week long birthday celebrations. 
That's right a full week of just {pure fun}.
Well let me just tell you, that was achieved for my 22nd birthday this year. 
It was {beyond} amazing! 

It all started the Saturday before my birthday.
I went to dinner in Fountain Hills with some of my friends at an {amazing} Pizza Cafe. 
Let me tell you about Fountain Hills. 
{I LOVE it!}
IT's just a cute and charming little place. 
So having dinner with some of my best friends in an amazing place, was just wonderful. 

Sunday night, I enjoyed dinner with my family. 
I had a delicious home-cooked meal, 
and enjoyed many hours of card playing. 
It was quite enjoyable! 
When I returned home, I was greeted by this surprise:
{Birthday Week Gifts} from my roommate. 
She knows I love week long celebrations, so she put together little gifts for every day.
It's been fun to open them every morning! 

My actual birthday was on Tuesday, and I spent the majority of the day working.
At work I received one of the best surprises!
My brother had flowers delivered to my work.
So when I was called up to the office and had a box of flowers waiting for me, I just about died.
I have never had flowers sent to me before.
Aren't they amazing?!

After work I enjoyed my traditional free birthday dinner at {Joe's BBQ}. 
That night I had tickets to go see one of my {Favorite} music groups
{He is We} in Scottsdale.

It was {beyond amazing!}
A Couple of friends came with me and we stopped by {sprinkles} to enjoy a free birthday cupcake on the way!
The concert was SO GOOD!!!
I {LOVED} how personal they made it and how good they sounded live.
I also {Loved} the fact that I got to meet them, get a picture with them, and get their autographs after.
Pretty sweet birthday present!

Birthday week ended with some fun in Phoenix with the roomie.
We started with a dinner at the {Old Spaghetti Factory}. 
This place was AMAZING, but the food was only so so.
It was still totally worth the experience.

Dinner was followed by a Diamondbacks game!
I {Love} when the DBacks have $5 {College Night}!
And I just {Love} the DBacks!
Sadly they lost, but the game ended with fireworks, which is another one of my favorite things.
So, the night was a win!

Yep. Birthdays are the best! 

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