Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Healthy Pasta

This week, I started participating in an 8 week Health challenge. 
Basically the challenge motivates you to eat healthier, exercise, drink more water, etc. 
Just the basics that we should all be doing anyway! 
I am quite excited because today is only the second day and I feel GREAT!
Like seriously, so much better than I have in a long time. 
I digress. 

Anyway, as part of this challenge, I have decided to really focus on being creative with eating Veggies. 
I am definitely a fruit girl, but fruit is just not quite as good for you as veggies. 
So I have this consistent battle every meal with trying to load up the veggies. 
I am happy to say, tonight I have conquered that with this deliciousness: 

Per the request of a friend, here's how you make it!
Make any whole wheat pasta that you like. 
While that is boiling, saute any veggies you like on the stove in olive oil. 
Tonight I chose asparagus, grape tomatoes, onions, and red bell pepper. 
I seasoned the vegetables with garlic powder and pepper and just saute until they are tender. 
Then when the pasta is done, drain it and mix the veggies and pasta together! 
Voila! A delicious, healthy choice for dinner. 
One thing I really love is that you get to decide what veggies you put in and there's no real restrictions!

I also love that it gives me some good servings of veggies in a delicious way!

Stephanie: 1  Veggies: 0 

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