Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a Small Town Girl

I have a new favorite thing.......
Small. Towns. 

Being from Mesa, and living here my whole life, I have grown accustomed to the suburban lifestyle, as that is all I have ever known. However, after taking some trips to small towns, I am developing a great love for them!! 
It all started in December when I took this fun trip to Snowflake for a friend's wedding reception:
I was only in Snowflake for less than 24 hours, but just fell in love with it's charm and ease that comes from small towns. 

Then, last weekend, my roommate and I did a mini road trip to The Gila Valley, which consists of the towns of Pima, Safford, and Thatcher. 
Three small towns right in a row. 
The purpose of this trip was to do baptisms in the Gila Valley Temple, which I love:
Isn't it just gorgeous?!

We were able to do baptisms, and we also had time to drive around the cute little towns to look around. 
Once again, I just fell in love. 
There is just such a laid back, easygoing feel of small towns that seems to cease to exist in the suburban areas. 
And, all the little shops and restaurants are just so charming! 
It is just a sweet little place!! 
And my heart yearns to live there......

Who knew a city girl would long to be a small town girl?!  
But, for now, I will just enjoy the ability to make little trips to these charming places that make my heart happy!! 

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