Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: Just Do It!

I've always been a dreamer and an over thinker. 
As a result, I only accomplish a fraction of what I actually want to. 
That, my friends, is all about to change with my new theme for 2013:


I'm adopting the Nike slogan as my theme for 2013, to help me be more proactive and less of a dreamer. 
So far it has been incorporated into one of my endless dreams: running. 

Let's be serious, I have dreamed about running in races for years. 
Running a half marathon is on my bucket list, and where has that gone?
......oh yeah, no where! 

Well, that all changed when I found a 5k run supporting my old seminary teacher's daughter, and other children, who are fighting cancer.
When it became personal, I realized I needed to kick my butt in gear....and I am happy to report that I have. 

I signed up for the 5k (which I know in advanced I didn't give myself enough time to train for it, so it's not going to be the best. But, it's for the sweet little girl!)
And I'm happy to report I have been running every day this week! 
No, I can't run very far, but I have been making progress! 

Day one: I ran because I was motivated by the {JUST DO IT} motto.
Day Two: I ran because I knew if I didn't I would quit. I almost died. 
Day Three: My body craved it!!! I wasn't planning on going, but my body was just itching to go! 

NO it is not much, but it is a good start! Here's to 2013 and a {JUST DO IT} attitude,
not just in running, but in all aspects of my life. 

What is your motto for the year?

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