Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tender Teaching Moment

This semester has definitely been an interesting one for me.
I am only 6 weeks in and have been stressed out of my ears from week one. 
I think it is a culmination of adding more responsibility at work, adding an institute class, and trying to manage my internship. 
I will admit, I probably took on more than I should have. 
However, it has been so interesting, even though I am completely stressed, I have had so many tender witnesses that I am on the right path in my life, and that every thing I have going on right now is for my benefit and progress. I definitely love that feeling of peace. 

One thing that has also been really helpful for me in managing the stress is looking for little moments throughout the day that are just tender and touch my heart, or just make me smile/giggle. 
As I have been doing that, I have noticed my love for my job increase and my stress about everything slightly decrease as I remember those moments. 
Because of that, I decided I would dedicate a time each week to a blog post about a tender moment {or moments} from the week. 

To kick it off, I will share a moment that happened today. 
I was working with a group of first graders. 
One of the first grade girls touched my hand for a minute and noted that it was freezing, and was curious why it was so cold. 
So I informed her my hands are always freezing. 
Then a little boy in the group reached over and grabbed my hand. 
With a big smile on his face, he said, "Can you feel the warmth from my hands? I will  warm your hands Miss Allred. I hope this helps!"

Such a simple thing. But it was just sweet and put a smile on my face! 

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