Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

Well readers, it is my FAVORITE time of the year again!
Actually that consists of the time between November and May, but I especially love when the weather starts warming up and the season begins to change into spring. 
It is such a wonderful time of the year not only because of the warmer weather, but because it is a time filled with Spring Break, General Conference, Easter, my birthday, and the end of school!
It is so wonderful! 
This year I decided to make the season of change as fun as possible and enjoy making changes. 

It started with this drastic hair change:
*Yep! I chopped my hair again and I love it! It just feels good to have a change every once in a while. I will be honest, having short hair makes me feel like a "Mormon Mom." (You know the lady of five who drives a mini-van to soccer games. Funny what a hair cut can make one think, but I guess it's not a bad thing to think since I want to be a Mormon Mom someday!)

I also invested in these babies:
*Mustard yellow flats! I LOVE the color yellow A LOT! So when I heard about these super cute and comfy shoes I had to get them. They make me so happy to wear and are such a fun accent color!

*I am graduating in less than two months! May fourth is the big day for me to get my bachelor's in Family and Human Development aka the "mom degree" (just about every guy I have met this year has made a comment about how my degree is the "mom" degree. So I guess it's just kind of stuck!). I am really excited for this day; however, I am not so sure what is going to happen after graduation. It seems like every time I come up with a plan, things start to change. It's been hard to journey into the unknown; however, I am learning how to trust in Heavenly Father and what He wants me to do. 

I definitely love changing and have already found so much joy in the season of change! 
I am definitely looking forward to the next few months. 
Hope you all are enjoying spring as much as I am!


  1. LOVING your hair cut and of course the yellow shoes! :) We have great taste!

  2. So I totally forgot to tell you at the reception that I love your haircut! Seriously so adorable and I love that you can pull off long or short hair. And I think I need to steal those shoes from you. So cute!

  3. Yeah, where did you get those shoes?