Friday, March 9, 2012

Well, That's One Way To Learn Spanish!

Have I ever mentioned that I love living with roommates?! 
Well, it's the truth! 
We always find something to laugh at and come up with creative ways to entertain ourselves. 
Tonight's choice of entertainment:

Watching this movie!
Do you remember this from back in the day?
Well, confession time: It's one of my favorites!
No, I don't know Spanish, and no, I didn't even know who Selena was before she died. 
However, when I was younger I loved watching this movie and just love the catchy music!
Recently a lot of Selena songs have been coming on my favorite Pandora station (Celine Dion...who knew?!)
and I have just loved belting out her songs while getting ready in the morning. 
So, I was beyond ecstatic when my roommate informed me she had this movie, and of course we had to watch it AND sing all the songs (as best we could). 
I love fun, random nights with the roommates!


  1. Love the doo - uncle Carl & aunt Jodi

  2. i remember seeing this in the movie theaters when it came out...does that date me???
    Glad you are having so much fun with your roomies.