Thursday, April 1, 2010

What kind of sick joke is this?!

So I know I said in my last post I wasn't going to blog or go on facebook for a week,
but I think today is worthy of a breaking that for a blog post (I'm actually do well staying off Facebook so far!)!
As you may know, today is April Fool's Day.
Luckily no one has played any practical jokes on me (Do people even still do that?!)!
But I feel like today has been a joke!
Let's start with this morning....
So Thursday mornings I like to go to the temple and just sit and read my scriptures.
I have class in the afternoon on Thursdays so it works out perfectly and is just a nice start to the day.
Well, this morning was no different. 
However, when I got to the temple I was heading to the same spot I go every week and I slipped and fell on a step! 
The sandals I wore did not mix well with the texture of the steps, resulting in me on the ground with one sandal flown off, my scriptures flown everywhere, and my phone in pieces!
It gets better....I look up and lo and behold a cute boy is standing in front of me and just witnessed the whole thing! 
Talk about embarrassing! 
Our conversation went as follows:
CB: Are you ok?
Me (as I am scrambling to get up and retrieve my shoe): Yes I am fine!
CB: I'll get your scriptures for you.
Me: Thanks.
CB: Is your knee okay? It looked like you fell on it pretty hard.
Me (Still one hundred percent embarrassed and just wanting him to leave): I am just going to look at that.
So I sit on a bench and he hands me my scriptures, but doesn't leave as I roll up my pant leg.
CB (Noticing my knee is all scraped): Ouch that looks painful! Are you sure you're okay?
Me (as I'm examining my other knee and my feet): Yeah I'll be fine. I'm just a little scraped up. Thank you!
CB (Noticing my other scrapes): Wow! Both knees, and both feet are scraped?! That was quite the fall. You have to be careful, those stairs are slippery.
Me (still wishing he would just LEAVE!): They are slippery and I don't think my sandals helped much either.
CB (with a little chuckle): Yeah, those sandals don't look to stable. So....did you come here to study?
Me (not too excited to chat since I was still embarrassed): Yes, I like to come here on Thursdays to study.
CB: It's a good place to come. 
Me: Yeah, I like the peace and quiet of the temple grounds.
CB: Yes, it is nice. (looks at his phone) I still have ten minutes.
Me: Ten minutes til what? What are you doing this morning?
CB: Well, I came to do a temple session, but forgot it was closed. So I decided to walk around and wait for the visitor's center to open. 
Me: Oh that's cool.
CB: So where do you go to school?
Me (still not looking forward to engaging in another conversation!): ASU, what about you?
CB: ASU, really? I would have guessed you went to MCC. I go to MCC.
Me: That's cool. Yup, I'm definitely at ASU.
CB (kinda quiet for a minute): Well, are you sure you are okay?
Me: Yeah thank you. I will be okay.
CB: Okay then have a good day.
What an unreal day to start the day! My knee and elbow are in so much pain, but I didn't want to tell him that! 
So I had my scripture study and then headed out to the parking lot.
Well, as I was limping down the sidewalk, I saw him again on the bench off to the side.
Luckily, it was far enough away so I could just hobble along without another conversation!
I mean, it was so nice of him to be there and help me out, but it was so embarrassing at the same time! 
When I got to my car I had to call my mom and tell her the story and I couldn't help but laugh the whole time. As Elder Wirthlin said, "Come what may, and love it!"
I definitely experienced that this morning in the unreal form of some kind of sick joke!
Seriously, what's more awkward than meeting someone after they watch you fall down the stair! 
Well, they when I got to school I was working on homework and drinking some gatorade, and lo and behold that spills......on my white shirt!
What a morning it has been!
I wish these both were just April Fool's jokes!!

[Happy April Fool's Day! (By the way, both of those stories are true, this is not an April Fool's Day joke!)]


  1. Don't be surprised if he is at the temple next Thursday waiting for you. Ahh...true love!

  2. Yeah, you never know...;) I am sorry you fell. I am also glad you didn't get hurt worse. Stairs are so dangerous! For your sake....hope it was April Fool's only!

  3. You two are silly....I would pretty much cry if I ever saw that guy again! I now have a black knee to remind me of my clumsiness!!

  4. yeah i agree w/ alana and never know :) and sorry girl about your fall. i think since my brother goes to school right across the street from the temple, i'm going to go there once a week before i get him and read. i went last week, and it was just amazing.