Monday, April 9, 2012

Springtime and Such!

I hope you are all enjoying this most wonderful time of the year! 
I seriously LOVE the springtime and all its wonderful happenings! 
Here are some updates and recent happenings:

General Conference: It was AMAZING as always! There were so many messages that spoke directly to my heart and reminded me of so many things I was in need of. I absolutely love it! If you missed the messages, or want to view them again, you can do so here.

Easter Pageant: I LOVE the Easter Pageant! I have seen it just about every year for as long as I can remember, but I never grow tired of it. It is such a beautiful message that really brings the Spirit of the Easter message. I had the wonderful opportunity of helping out with it this year, by being a cast missionary. Basically, I dressed up every night and talked to people before the pageant, making a special emphasis on inviting them to the Visitors' Center. It was such a sweet experience! 
And this is just for fun! Who says you are too old to enjoy taking pictures with the Easter Pageant Cast Members?!

Easter:  Did you know this is my FAVORITE holiday ever?! There is just something about remember Christ's Resurrection during the season of rebirth and new life. I am thankful for Christ, His Atonement, and His Resurrection. I know because He died for me and lives again, I have the opportunity to grow and progress in my life. I am also given the opportunity to have added strength to overcome challenges, which is so amazing and something I have seen MANY times in my life! This Easter was spent at church, followed by a nice dinner at my Mom's house. It was such a wonderful day! 

How can I not be happy with all these wonderful happenings in the lovely springtime?!
Stayed tuned for more upcomings, including:

-My 21st Birthday (Birthdays are kind of my favorite)
-GRADUATION (and hopefully a plan of what I am doing next)

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