Friday, February 24, 2012

Don't Miss Your Life

Music always has a special place in my heart. 
Some of life's greatest lessons I have learned through music because it just touches me in a special  way.
Sometimes I will be listening to the radio, just thinking about things, and a song comes that hits me deep. 
It may sound cheesy, but it happens. 
What's even cheesier is that sometimes I get a bit emotional with this happens. 

Today I had one of those moments. 
The cause: "Don't Miss Your Life," by Phil Vassar

I have been thinking a lot about my life these past few days. 
I have realized that my whole college experience has been so overwhelmed with work, school, and homework....and to be honest, not much play or making fun memories. 
Yes, I have had fun memorable experiences, but I feel that a lot of that has been lacking the past few years. 
I let life experiences shape me into the girl I never wanted to become- the one who is all work and no play! 

It really hit me hard today while I was trying to focus on my homework, but my mind kept wandering to the fun things I could be doing. 
At first I thought it was just senioritis kicking in, which could very well be true, but it is coupled with the fact that I let myself get burned out. 
So when I heard this song, I realized, in my own way, I was missing my own life. 
Missing out on opportunities and memories due to worries and stress that I shouldn't.

It's time to change that and to stop letting my life pass me by!
Here's to a better balanced life with more joy!

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