Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Twas the weekend of Christmas and the family gathered 'round,
to celebrate together and make lots of sound. 
The brother flew in town and brought his sweet wife,
Of course they brought their baby- the joy of their life!
Down the mountain, through snow, the other brother traveled
to make it to the gifts waiting to be unraveled. 
There were grandpas, and grandmas. Aunt and uncle too. 
Now add in the cousins and we had the whole crew. 

The weekend started off with a fun birthday party,
for our recent college graduate who is such a smarty!
The night was filled with laughter and of course Mexican food. 
What else could you need to put you in a good mood?

The next night to follow was that of Christmas Eve, 
We had so much food you wouldn't believe. 
The table was covered from one end to the other, 
 so we snacked and we snacked having one plate after another.
When our bellies were full and we could eat no more,
it was time to gather in the room by the front door. 
The children, with great angst, took inventory, 
but no gifts would be opened with out a Christmas story. 

 As tradition, Grandpa chooses the story to tell
of the Babe in the manger, the Great Emmanuel. 
What a wonderful time to be reminded 
of the true message of Christmas that is so often blinded 
By gifts and by wanting the things on tv, 
When really the best gift was given for free!

As the story is finished and the gifts are passed out, 
with so much joy and laughter it is hard to pout. 
As the last gift is opened, we rush off to sleep, 
with knowledge that morning will bring more fun to reap. 

Christmas morning we awoke at the early hour of seven,
seeing presents under the tree sent the little brothers to heaven. 
We enjoyed the morning unwrapping presents together, 
the mood was so happy and light as a feather. 
However, this Christmas was different, you see-
It was little Ella's first one and she was happy as can be!
It was so fun to watch as she eagerly found, 
her gifts and her toys that covered the ground. 

Now what's a Christmas on Sunday without music by the choir?
So we headed to church in our Sunday attire. 
It only lasted, but a short little hour, 
but oh how my soul was filled with such power. 

It was finally time to enjoy our Christmas meal, 
so we headed over to the aunt and uncle's to get our fill. 
We had ham and desserts and side dishes galore,
So we ate and we ate like we never ate before. 
We our bellies now full, but the day still quite young, 
we cleared off the tables and to the couches we sprung.
We gathered around to play a fun game together.
Really, on Christmas, what could be better?

We spent the afternoon having loads of fun, 
until we reached a point when we were all just done. 
The weekend was filled with fun to keep us wired, 
but we all quite frankly became just plain tired. 

But what good is Christmas without a great end?
Through crowds of people I chose to wend, 
at my favorite place to see the wondrous sites,
and one last time enjoy the great Temple lights. 

So another Christmas weekend has come and past, 
but it was filled with great memories that always will last. 
As the joy of the season slowly departs,  
I hope with can forever hold the true meaning of Christmas in our hearts!

I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend as well!
Here are some pictures, my fun adventures to tell:

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