Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back To The Books!

I can't believe another year has past, but I am definitely excited to be starting a new year! 
I love the joy that carries over from Christmas and through the changes that come with starting a new year! 
Besides from Christmas, the rest of my (short) break was so great!
I spent just about everyday at my family's house at some point. 
Whether it be to play games with my brothers, babysit my niece, or go car shopping with my mom (which was quite the adventure). 
I can honestly say it was a break well spent! Of course I did enjoy some good times with some friends, and had to get in some crafting! 
Here is the project I made: 

Growing up, I always remember having wreaths on the front door. 
Apparently that has stuck as I always feel the need to make a wreath for the door! 

Although the break was busy and short (ASU cut it 2 weeks short), I am SO thrilled to be back to school and work!
I started back to work yesterday. 
I am now working as an aide at an elementary school. I work one on one with kids that have learning disabilities,  but also get to work with many of the other classrooms. 
It is the best job I could ask for and I work with some of the sweetest kids! It is quite a humbling experience as many of the kids come from rough backgrounds and openly disclose that information. It serves as a great motivation to work with them more to help them have brighter futures, and it also helps me realized how blessed I am. 
There is a great joy that comes from working with kids, and I definitely have noticed that joy lacks when working with adults (at least in my experiences). 

I also started back with my classes at ASU today! I always forget how much I miss school and institute, until I go back! I honestly was so excited to get ready for school this morning and so excited to be there! 
I am anxious to learn and am excited for my classes this semester, as they are interesting topics!
Also, I am SO excited to graduate! 
Yes, it is my last semester and I will be getting my bachelor's degree in May!
It is great to look back and see the things I've learned, not just in school, but in life in general!
Here's to a great semester filled with more learning and memories!

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