Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Growing Up!

Well readers, I am proud to say I am finally growing up a little bit. 
Two Things:

1) I put together and conducted FHE with my roommates (our ward was doing a bonfire and, in the rain, that did not sound too thrilling.) We may have laughed during the song and prayer, but hey, at least we tried and were able to make it through a good lesson! It made me realize what having FHE with my own family someday will be like. 

2) I got my blood drawn all by myself! This is kind of a big deal! Last year I was completely terrified and worried about passing out or throwing up, so I had someone with me the whole time. Well, those days are over and I can finally get lab work done by myself! I am quite proud! 

Silly? Yep! 
Exciting? Most definitely! 

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