Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fall Festivities!

I'm not really one to do much for Halloween!
I think it is cute to see people dressed up and see CUTE Halloween decorations (not the creepy stuff), but I think the dressing up is mostly fun when family and kids are involved. 
Needless to say, living with roommates, I don't have either of those, so I really wasn't motivated to do much for Halloween. 
However, we had some other festivities at our house in place of participating in Halloween festivities. 
It started the Friday before Halloween. 
We decided to have a Fall night, and not a Halloween party!
I was mostly just wanting to make fun treats and carve pumpkins, which are some of my favorite things about fall. 
We were also blessed with cool weather so we were able to have a fire in our backyard. 
It was a laid back night filled with too much food, games, a movie, a fire, pumpkin carving, and of course chatting and laughing. Here are some of the pictures from that night:

It was a fun night! 

Halloween night I was debating what I should do. 
I was tempted to go to a Halloween dance, but last minute decided that didn't sound too appealing. 
Instead, I spent an hour and a half passing out candy to trick-or-treaters, which was so fun! 
I loved seeing all the cute kids in cute costumes. 
Then we had some friends over with the intent to make smores, watch a movie, and play games. 
Instead we just laughed and chatted around the fire all evening and enjoyed Smores and roasted Starbursts! 
It was such a blast! Here are a few pics from Halloween night:

I love my friends and the fun we have together! They definitely allowed for me to have a fun Halloween weekend! 
Hope you all had some fun as well! 

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