Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas A Little Early This Year!

When it comes to Christmas, I am a real stickler about waiting til the day AFTER Thanksgiving before listening to music, put up decorations, etc. 
However, this year, I broke that rule, for a very good reason, and am just so excited to be in the Christmas spirit!
Yesterday was Veteran's Day, which means no school or work for most people!
It's also means Christmas decorating at the Institute! 
(If you want to know more about what institute is, please click here).
Since we only have classes for about two weeks in December, we decorate early so we can feel like Christmas at the institute for more than two weeks! 
It was so fun to see everyone working together to bring the spirit of Christmas to the institute! 
We even had the new Michael Buble Christmas CD playing during it, which was one of the best touches! 
If you have not heard it, listen to it, and love it...I need to make a run to Target to buy it. 
Another thing that I just really loved was when the work was done, a guy sat down at the piano and a big group sang Christmas songs in the hallway. 
It was just so great to see everyone enjoying the spirit of Christmas together...and I was not even mad that it was two weeks before Thanksgiving!
It was the perfect beginning to my Christmas season!
It definitely is the most wonderful time of the year, and beginning to look A LOT like Christmas! 

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