Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Calling!

Lesson learned this past week: 
If you make your frustrations know about how something is being done, you may just end up with a new calling. 

Quick story:
I was having a really hard time with Family Home Evening in my ward. It's been a struggle for me because I loved it in my old ward. I would go because I was supposed to, but just had a really hard time with how different things were done. 
Well, one of my friends is one of the Family Home Evening leaders. He was over one night and I started talking to him about my frustrations with family home evening. We didn't really see eye to eye on some things , but his concluding statement was "maybe you should try being an FHE leader." 

Well, lo and behold, I went to church today and got a new calling as an FHE leader and am working with my friend who I had the conversation with. 
We definitely had a good laugh about that one today, and were all shocked that that happened. 
I am definitely excited for this new calling and chance to serve!

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  1. FHE Leader?? Good luck. I was always glad I didn't get that calling. I'm not very creative.

    Ask the Duplex