Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cooler Weather....Finally!

It finally feels like fall outside!
And I am so excited!
I love the cool, breezy fall days, wearing cardigans, and being able to sit outside without dying! 
Days like today are just perfect, so I decided to take advantage of it!

I was on my way home from work and passed by Pete's Fish and Chips. 
This old place has a huge place in my heart because some of my favorite memories growing up involved Pete's. 
One of my favorite memories was spending time at my cousins' house.
We would get lunch at Pete's and then head down the street to Pioneer park to eat and play. 
(Maybe this is why I love the park so much. Side note to my future husband (whoever you are): Picnics at the park are my favorite, especially when they are coupled with swinging, kite flying, and bike riding!)
As I was passing by Pete's, I had a strong yearning to relive that childhood memory. 
Besides, the weather was too amazing to pass up. 

So as I was driving to the park, I looked up and saw the temple, and had an even better idea!
So I enjoyed my lunch on temple grounds!
What a perfect way to kick off the fall season!

Pete's + Perfect Weather + Sitting on Temple grounds= Best day ever!

Happy Fall everyone!

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