Saturday, September 17, 2011


I found this while blog stalking! I figured it would be fun.....and serve as a good distraction from homework! 4th week of senior year and I'm already burned out?! Yeah. Not good!

Age: 20

Bed Size: Full

Chore you hate: Laundry!

Dessert: Pazookies!

Essential start of your day: Scripture study!

Favorite Color: Yellow or pink

Gold or silver: Silver

Height: 5'6

Instruments I play (or have played): Piano, Violin, Clarinet

Job Title: Provider

Kids: Well I am not married, so I have none. . .

Live: Mesa, AZ -- best place ever!

Mom's Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Steph 

Overnight hospital stays: None so far!

Pet Peeve: Noises while chewing! Seriously, disgusting!

Quote from a movie: Since I watch Tangled EVERYDAY at work:
"Look in that mirror. I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady....Oh look, you're here too.

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 4 brothers

Time you wake up: Anytime from 4 to 7

Underwear: Well I wear it. . .

Vegetables you dislike: There are plenty!

What makes you run late: Checking my e-mail or Facebook

X-rays you've had done: Teeth, and a million on my left hand

Yummy food you make: Cookies, chicken, enchiladas

Zoo animal: Zebra!

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