Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adventures in Living On My Own: Lessons Learned From A Night with the Roommate!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE living with roommates?
Despite all the horror stories people told me about roommates, none of them have been true!
It seriously is a party like everyday!
Here are some of the events that may happen in your life if you have roommates:

-You may randomly have dinner made for you.
-During dinner, you may start laughing so hard you almost choke.
-You have a random dance party during dinner.
-Your roommate randomly turns into Snooki.
-You realize you are too immature to take an anatomy (seriously, is coccyx not the funniest word ever?) .
-You may never get your homework done.
-You may laugh so hard you cry and your abs hurt pretty much every day.
-You belt out 60's songs at the top of your lungs.

In short, living with roommates is pretty much the best, and life is pretty much wonderful!

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