Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Triple "T" Tradition!

I'm the kind of girl who finds joy in simple traditions. 
In fact, I enjoy creating my own little traditions. 
You may, or may not, recall my week long birthday tradition, that I started this year!
Well, recently I have created another little tradition that is my favorite!
I call it the Triple "T" Tradition.

It includes:
-A Tuesday or Thursday evening
-Taco Bell Drive Thru, and
-Sitting on the Temple grounds 

It is something simple, but has come to be very important to me as I live two minutes away from Taco Bell and five minutes away from the temple. 
One of my favorite things of living on my own is making simple traditions like this. 
Just like the birthday tradition, this is one I want to implement in my future family!
Whether it be cheap date nights with the future husband, or cheap family fun enjoying temple grounds, it will be wonderful!
I love creating little traditions!

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