Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Things DO Work Out!

I will be the first to tell you, I have REALLY bad anxiety about time!
Anytime I am given a list of things to do by a certain deadline, my first thought is, "I will never have enough time to complete all of that in time."
That thought is generally followed by a moment of freaking out. 
Amazingly, everything DOES get done, and then I feel dumb for freaking out. 
However, no matter how many times I have gone through this cycle, I still haven't learned the lesson not to freak out. It is quite ridiculous!

This last weekend, I had a similar experience. 
I realized this week would consist of:
-Two 10 hour work days
-A 3 Hour certification class
-A certification test
-Wisdom teeth extraction
-Orientation the day after my wisdom teeth extraction
-About 5 or 6 homework assignments

That was enough to get my anxiety rolling!
However, it didn't last too long.
Sunday night I asked my brother for a priesthood blessing because I was really worried about getting everything done, and getting oral surgery.
Needless to say, everything IS working out!
The best part is I have been able to be at peace with everything, especially my oral surgery!
Even though it is two days away, I am ready for it!

I am thankful for the priesthood and for the tender mercies that Heavenly Father is aware of my craziness!
I don't have to stress or drive myself crazy!
Things always DO work out!

"Fear not; believe only!"

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