Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life's Little Miracles

In case you didn't know from my last post, I LOVE children!
We can all learn so much from watching them and being around them!

Just recently, I have decided to spend some time with the children at the Child Crisis Center. 
Oh how I LOVE them!
I have only been twice so far, but have had the best experiences!
One thing that really hit me is how much each of these children just want to be loved. 
They let it show too, which just melts my heart, and makes me truly love them.
Here are just a few heart touching experiences I had:

-A little boy grabbing my hand and holding it as we walked in line
-A little boy remembering me and wanting to play with me again
-A little girl climbing on my lap 
-Two children snuggling in my arms, while the little girl is on my lap
-A little girl sitting by me on the couch, grab my hand and kiss it
-A little boy begging me to sit by him at the dinner table

These are just of few of the experiences that come to mind. 
However, every experience touches my heart in a special way!
I am so thankful for the time I have to spend with these children, and the love I feel from just being around them!
They truly are special children and I am thankful for the things they teach me!

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  1. Child crisis center? Where is this at? I want to go!