Sunday, April 17, 2011

Life's Little Lessons

Working at the bank, I am faced with a lot of interesting experiences. 
One that I am faced with most often is angry customers. 
Often times people get mad at me because of bank policies, 
which is hard for me because a lot of times I wish I could just give in.
However, if I did, my job would be at risk. 
So, I am stuck being "the bad guy."

This weekend I had a very interesting experience with this. 
A customer came in and was mad because I couldn't do what he wanted. 
It kind of got to the point where I just felt down and sick after he left because nothing I was saying was making him happy. 
After he left, I was still kind of bugged and annoyed. 
He ended coming back later and apologizing and I was able to help him with a few things. 
However, it kind of was an awkward interaction after how I was treated, 
but I assured him it was fine because it wasn't the first time some one got angry with me. 
After he left that time, I was still a little annoyed. 
However, by the end of work, I had forgotten about the whole thing and didn't think about it again.

Well, fast forward to today. 
We had a multi-stake Young Single Adult fireside at church and as I walked in the chapel guess who one of the first people I saw was?
You guessed angry customer from yesterday!
So he came up to me and we chatted for a little bit, and it turned out he was going to be the speaker for the evening. 
He apologized once again, and told me he felt like I was going to be at the fireside tonight and just ignored the feeling. 
Talk about an awkward experience!
However, I did the best I could to shake off the negative feelings that came back and get something out of his talk, which was hard to do. 
However, I was able to listen and learn a lot from his talk. 
Afterward, I felt like I should talk to him, so I did and we had a nice chat. 
It was just a very interesting experience!

It was definitely a learning experience from me!
One lesson I learned is always treat EVERY ONE kindly because you never know when you will run into them again. 
Also, I learned a great deal about forgiveness. 
We had an awesome lesson about forgiveness in Sunday School today that I have been thinking about all day. 
I am thankful I was able to apply it! 
Luckily at my job, I have learned that forgiveness is a huge part!
Unfortunately when it comes to banking, every one has their own ideas of how things should be, and I often get the brunt of it. 
However, I have learned that I can either let those moments put me in a bitter mood or I can just move on and forget about it. 
Sometimes it is hard, but I guess that's the true miracle of forgiveness!

I am thankful for the little lessons that come from everyday life!
Sometimes, they can be awkward and weird,
but those are definitely the ones I learn the most from! 
I am SO thankful for that!

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