Sunday, March 6, 2011


Do you have those words that you just love?
You know, the ones that remind you of something or just have a special meaning.
Some common ones, for example, that I love are:
These are just a few words that I love because of the emotions they evoke and the little reminders they give me through their simplicity. 

This week I have come to love a new word. That word is....

It started off on Monday evening. I was having a rough night and spent some time talking to a friend of mine. 
During the conversation, she pointed out to me that this word is used in the Book of Mormon many times because there are so many things that Heavenly Father wants us to remember
I have been thinking about that a lot this week.
I have come to really love the word "remember" because I often forget the important things in my life.
It is so easy for me to caught up in so many demands of life and just forget. 
But I really need to do better at always remembering:

~The tender mercies in my life
~I am a daughter of God!
~Heavenly Father loves me!
~Trials in this life are but a small moment in the eternal perspective
~Heavenly Father has a plan for me
~Happiness is a choice, and, 
~Everything always does work out

These are just a few things that I often forget in the bustle of everyday living!
But, as I think of the word "remember," all of these little reminders come back to me!
I love the power of a simple word!

Someday, when I have my own house, I would love to have a vinyl lettering of this word on my wall, so I can always have that reminder to remember the important things in my life!
I am thankful for the simple words that have such an impact on my life!
Oh how I love the simple things!

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