Friday, March 4, 2011

Love is Never Ugly!

I am a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan!
I love the message that what matters most is what is on the inside, rather than the outside. 
It's just an important message for everyone to remember!
Anyway, when I saw that they were making a modern Beauty and the Beast, called Beastly, I knew I needed to see it!
Let me tell you, it is adorable!
It takes the message of Beauty and the Beast and makes it so real, since many people can relate to the real life situations presented, rather than cartoons and a beast.
Of course, there is still the magical part in it, but I just loved it!
I love the message of true love, and love that is has the tagline "Love is never ugly" because true love looks past outward appearances and sees to the heart!
That melts my heart!
If you need a good movie, go see it!
You will not be disappointed...especially if you love Beauty and the Beast!

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  1. I can't wait to see it!! It looks so cute!