Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For The Goss Family!

I have a great love for seminary and institute teachers!
I consider my institute teachers to be good friends, and I felt the same way about my seminary teachers!

One teacher that I was blessed to have for two years is Brother Aaron Goss!
I had him for seminary my junior and senior year of high school and just LOVED him!
I remember spending time in the seminary building before school and chatting with him about things, 
and just the great love he had for his students!
He is an incredible man!
Unfortunately, I have lost contact with him since high school. 
I saw him about a year ago and haven't been in touch since. 

Well, recently, I have been informed that his youngest daughter, who isn't even two,
is suffering from stage 4 Neuroblastoma, which is a children's cancer. 
My thoughts have been with the Goss family, as I can only imagine how difficult it would be to have a children go through this, while having four other children, and just life, to take care of.
As I have been thinking about what I can do to help out, I have come across a few ways to help them out, 
and thought I would pass on the word, in case anyone is interested. 

The first is by purchasing a 3 month gym pass for $20.
It is for Fitness Works, and also includes many awesome coupons! 
Half of the proceeds go to support little Abigail! 
If you are interested in purchasing one, contact Heidi Trejo at heiditrejo@gmail.com!
This is going on til the end of March!
What a great, cheap way to get in shape, while helping support a great family! 

I also came across this video, which is an interview done with Brother Goss, his wife, and baby.
It explains a little more about what has been going on and what they are going through at this time. 
It also mentions the Fans Across America  website. 
This is a website where donations can be made to the Goss family. 

I have really felt like spreading the word is one of the best things I can do for the Goss's right now, 
as I can only donate so much!
If you are interested, or if you know anyone that is interested, in helping out this family, I know it will be greatly appreciated!
Every little bit helps! 
My heart goes out to those in need, so here's to trying to help them!

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