Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simply Sister Mom!

Sometimes, I love taking on the role of sister mom!
It is challenging at times because, let's face it, two teenage boys aren't always the easiest to handle. 
Today was one of those sister mom days that I LOVED!
Of course, being Sunday helps a lot, because Sunday is my favorite day, but it has just been great. 
My mom headed to Flagstaff for the day, so I had the whole day to spend with my brothers. 

We were able to enjoy stake conference together, 
Spent some time working on Duty to God goals together, 
They gave me input on what to make for dinner and even helped make it
(I made salsa chicken, Spanish rice, and was delish!)
We enjoyed dinner together
(and they even liked my cooking. It's always a good sign when teenage boys like something), 
Cleaned up together, 
and one of them even made dessert while I did the dishes, so I wouldn't have to do everything! 
It was sweet! 

Needless to say, I have LOVED today! 
From an amazing stake conference to time with my brothers to being able to cook (which I LOVE doing), 
it has just been awesome!
I love days like today where I can spend time with my brothers, and have a good time together! 

I look forward to the day when I have children of my own to spend time with and serving! 
I know that that day will come in due time!
But, until then, I will be grateful for the opportunities I have to prepare, by being sister mom! 

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