Thursday, February 3, 2011

A New Kind of Fun

Most people that know me will tell you I am a girly-girl.
I always like to dress nice, have my hair done, and my make-up done. 
This is very true, but what most people don't know is, after growing up with four brothers, I do have some tomboy in me as well! 
I have watched my fair share of pretty much every sport from golf to tennis to football to basketball.
You name it, I'm sure I have watched it. 
I actually enjoy watching sports, especially basketball. 
It has been fun having my little brother play on his freshman basketball team, and being able to go to his game when my schedule allows. 
As he season is winding down, I decided it would be a good idea to put homework aside tonight and go to his game. 
Unfortunately, he was a little under the weather the other day, so his coach made him sit out the whole game. 
As I drove him home after the game, he was mad, like most boys would be if they didn't get to play.
So I decided my homework could wait even longer, and that playing a little  basketball was necessary when we got home. 
Colton agreed. 
His mood quickly changed from mad to happy, which I was hoping for!
And I had a lot of fun out in the freezing weather shooting hoops with him!
I really did!
We had a lot of good laughs and he even gave me some pointers to better my shots!
It was definitely a good brother-sister bonding moment and I am thankful for that!
I love those moments when I put my "girlyness" aside and just have fun!
I need to do that more often!

*Just a funny side note- I decided my play time was done tonight when I broke my nail!
True story! Not only did it break though, my acrylic nail split in half! OUCH! I guess sometimes girly gets in the way!

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