Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Stubbornness of Stephanie!

I will be the first to admit, I am a very stubborn person!
When I am set on doing something I will do it. 
Even better, tell me I can't do something that I am set on doing, and I will prove  you wrong!
I am currently facing that with school. 
As I mentioned previously, I am taking a 7 week class that is quite intense. 
The professor is quite tough as it is. 
I had her last semester and loved her, but struggled through her tests. 
Condensing one her classes to 7 weeks, makes for one beastly class!
Well, after getting a "D" on my first test (luckily she curved it and I ended up with a "C") I was feeling a little down. 
Then she sent out an e-mail about how two people dropped the class after that test. 
She then proceeded to talk about how if we have busy schedules, we probably should not be taking this class, because we need to put a lot of time into it.
She then listed some instances, some of which were applicable to me,
I am taking 18 credits, and work part time, so I must say, my schedule is pretty busy. 
However, instead of instilling fear in me, this e-mail brought out my stubbornness.
No, I am not going to drop the class!
I'm going to finish the next four weeks strong!
Not only that, I am going to get a good grade it is as well!
It may be 100% hectic, but I am going to show her that I can do it!
Bring it on Dr. B! I'm not scared of your class, or exams any longer!!!

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