Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good Ol' ASU!

Confession time: I LOVE school!
I can't even tell you how awesome it is to be back in school! 
As I was walking on ASU's campus last Tuesday amongst all the chaos of scary bike riders, skateboarders, and tons of students, I just smiled and realized how wonderful it was to be back!
Sure, it is very stressful!
This semester is especially stressful because I am taking 18 credit hours!
One of the classes is only 7 weeks long, but it's a semester's worth crammed into 7 weeks, 
so it's kind of crazy!
And to top that one off, I have a statistics teacher who is the most confusing guy ever!
Today was lecture number two, and I am pretty lost!
Not a good sign!
But, I love every single moment of crazy!
 I am also thankful that I have some familiar faces in my classes. 
It really makes a difference!
As weird as it sounds, I love having a busy schedule packed with school.
When I am not in school or at work, you can find me in my room studying, because I always have something for school to do.
I absolutely love taking on the challenge because that's what helps me learn and grow the most.

I also love being back in institute!
In case you didn't know, ASU has the best institute ever. 
The building is really nice, the classes are great, and the teachers are amazing!
This semester, I get to spend more time there than last semester and I just love being there.
I love the atmosphere!
It is a fun place to be just to sit and relax and know that you are surrounded by good standards that are sometimes hard to find when being on campus. 

All I can say is: "It is so good to be back! Bring on the craziness!"

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  1. Oh I miss the hustle of people at ASU! But I really miss the institute! It is the best! :)