Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Fun!

About a month ago, my brother, Kiel, was down from Flagstaff for Christmas and his birthday!
On his birthday, he wanted to go to Mi Amigo's, so we went on a lunch date to Mi Amigo's.
Then I decided that would be fun to do with all my brothers!
So Kenny was next!
His birthday was last Wednesday, but I was out of town, so last Thursday we went to lunch at Nando's, which is an AMAZING Mexican food restaurant!
Tomorrow is Colton's 15th birthday, so tonight we went on a date to Mi Amigo's!
(Notice the Mexican food runs in the family!)
We had a good time, and my mom decided it would be okay if we told them it was his birthday. 
So we did, and they brought us some yummy sopapillas! 
But the best part was having Colton wear a sombrero while they did a little birthday tribute to him.
It was cute, and he was a good sport about it!
The waiter even joked about having him wear it the rest of the night, and he agreed to it!
It was a great time!
But we didn't end his pre-birthday fun with dinner,
we came home and played Just Dance 2 for an hour to work off our dinner!
We had plenty of fun laughs!
I am thankful for this idea to go on birthday dates with my brothers!
They all have been so fun, and I am looking forward to going with Connor next month!

Happy birthday Colton!
I can't believe you're 15....that just makes me feel old!

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