Thursday, January 20, 2011

T Town!

The week before school started, I decided I needed to have some fun!
Especially since between work, school, and homework, my social life has to be minimized!
So I spent most of the week, out of town- in Tucson!
I actually made two different trips down there during that week.
The first one was on Wednesday, the 12th.
Wicked was showing at Centennial Hall at U of A's campus, so a group of us from my singles branch decided to go, and had so much fun!
We left early afternoonish because President Obama was going to be at U of A's campus as well for a memorial service, and we wanted to avoid the madness.
So we spent the afternoon walking around U of A's campus and the little shop areas down the street and did little photo shoots. 
U of A has a gorgeous campus!
I am a trader when I say this, but I do like their campus more than ASU's.
So I am glad I was able to enjoy it's beauty!
Then that night, we saw Wicked!!
It was AMAZING!!
Words cannot even begin to describe!
It was my second time seeing it. I saw it at ASU about a year and a half ago, but it is by far my favorite play!
I got the goosebumps as the beginning music started...that doesn't happen very often! It is just that good! 
I am glad I was able to see it again!
Here are some of the fun pictures of the day:
 The Jessica's dressed up like Elpheba and Glinda for the night, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures on my camera, but this picture was a must!
 Tawnya and me!
 I was in love with the cute buildings on campus!
 L♥VE these girls! We had a blast!
 Beth Ann and me! We like to take these "awkward" pictures!
 The Jessica's- Inspirational women!
 Beth Ann and me- Women Lawyers, women leaders? Not so sure!
 This cupcake shop was super cute! 
 I LOVE Wicked!!!

I am thankful for my friends and the fun we were able to have together!
We drove home that night after the play cause most of us had work the next day!
So, it was a long, but amazing day!

Well, two days later, I drove down to Tucson again.
This time, to visit my grandparents!
At the beginning of my Christmas break, my Grandpa and I went out for breakfast.
I promised him I would come visit him during break if my work schedule allowed me too!
Luckily, I got off early on Friday and had Saturday off, so it worked out perfect!
I drove down Friday afternoon and spent the night and came home Saturday night!
Friday night when I got there, we went out to dinner to a place called La Fuente.
It is an AMAZING Mexican food restaurant! 
Well, Mexican food is always the best, but this place is authentic, so it's even better! 
And they have a live mariachi band!
This is them! It's from a few years ago....but I didn't get one this last time, so it works! 
Seriously, if you are ever in Tucson, look this place up!
You won't be disappointed!
Okay...that's enough of that tangent!
After dinner, we went back to my grandparent's house and played some Rummikub, which is a very fun game!
Saturday was also packed with a lot of fun.
My step-grandma had some things, so I spent the morning with my grandpa, as we waited for her. 
We started off with a nice walk.
Right behind their neighborhood is mountains and desert, so it was very nice to be out, enjoying the nature. 
Then we went back to his house and played a few rounds of Sequence, one of our classic family games.
When my step-grandma got back, we headed out for the day.
Our first stop was the San Xavier Mission on the Indian Reservation!
It was built in 1797, and is still standing today with some renovations!
It is absolutely gorgeous!
 I just love the structure!
 Welcome to San Xavier!
 My grandpa and me in front of the mission!
 This part of the building lets you see how old the building is. 
Here's a contrast of part that was renovated.  
 All the artwork was just breathtaking! 

 Even the ceilings had beautiful designs!
 Judy, my step-grandma, and me standing out front!

Before leaving the reservation, we enjoyed some yummy Indian fry bread!
You can't visit a reservation without enjoying some!
It was good, but pretty much a heart attack on a plate!
I guess it doesn't hurt every once in a while!

Anyway, then we headed back on the road to Tubac, which is in between Nogales and Tucson. 
It is a cute little area that has little art shops, full of beautiful art work.
We had some fun window shopping and enjoying all the bright colors!
 Welcome to Tubac! 
These were some fun vases in one of the shops! I really liked all the fun colors!

After some browsing through stores, we headed to the Tubac Country Club for some lunch! 
We ate at a place called, The Stables, which used to be actual horse stables.
It was a nice lunch, a with beautiful view!
 The restaurant is located on a golf course. Our table was right next to a huge window, so this was the view we got to enjoy! Super gorgeous!

My Grandpa and me in front of a fountain at the Country Club.

I'm am thankful for the opportunity I had to spend with my Grandparents! 
I had a blast and got to see parts of Tucson that I have never seen before! 
I think I fall in love with Tucson, more and more every time I visit!
I just love it!

Two road trips in one week is quite exhausting, but I am glad I was able to go on both of them!
Sometimes, a solo rode trip is needed to clear your mind!
It definitely did that for me!
It was the perfect getaway to go on before I started school!
If you ever need a quick getaway, Tucson is the place to be!
There is a lot of fun things to do and see!
I just love it!

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